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Weekend Thrill: Support UNICEF - Wash your car at Sheraton Lagos to promote education for every child

Education is the right of every child. I would like Lagosians to visit Sheraton Hotel Lagos to wash their car for a token in support of the UNICEF 2012 Road to Awareness campaign which aims to raise at least $300,000 to help educate a child.

Sheraton Lagos Hotel associates are organising an auto wash program to help raise funds for the education of Children in Africa. Please support this cause by taking your cars for washing. The initiative began on the 29th of October to end on this Sunday, 11th of November 2012.

All funds collected will be sent to UNICEF for this noble cause. An educated mass leads to a less ignorant populace - a people that will promote better decision taking. In this, I am optimistic for a brighter country. 

Dear Learning Craft readers, do find it in your stride to support this cause.

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