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Genius or not?........Age appropriate learning

Our National Policy on Education refers to primary education as the education given in institutes for children aged 6 to 11 plus. There are lots of 4year olds beginning formal school (primary 1) . Have you noticed this trend? Age appropriate learning takes into consideration the natural developmental stages of childhood. Students learn faster and develop a life-long love for learning. It makes learning less of a chore.When teaching students the correct skill that matches his/her developmental level, they learn very quickly. If you teach something before the student is ready and able to process the learning, they will get frustrated, develop low self-esteem and come to hate not only that subject but also the whole process of learning. They will take that throughout the rest of their schooling. You may find that the 'rush-starters' (beginners at 4) fare far less due to the pressures of an early start in the long run. About 2.2% of the world's population are geniuses......let's leave the obvious statistics. About 98% of us are regular people. Geniuses learn far more effortlessly OR is Nigeria now full of geniuses?