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Edu-Info: Re-validation of Private Primary Schools. Wow!

I read an information that gladdened my heart. It is a reformatory process that I have long wished to see begin in Education in Nigeria. Now, how well this will be carried through will leave much to be desired; however I am sure that the words/actions have set a precedence. It was a clear call to all private primary school proprietors in Ogun State Nigeria by the State government to enlist all approved primary schools in the state on a website.  The State intends to officially  lock up all unregistered private primary schools.  The title of the warning read: OGUN STATE MINISTRY OF EDUCATION SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY:  REVALIDATION OF REGISTRATION OF PRIVATE PRIMARY SCHOOLS IN OGUN STATE. Have you been in any of what I'd term 'corner-shop schools' in many hidden parts of our States in the country? They exist because the public schools are currently in hibernation! There are standard requirements to setting up a school stipulated in our National Policy on Education. I am hoping that this is a work-in-progress. It is always rather worrisome even devastating to see 'short-cuts' allowed to thrive in our school system. 


  1. This is very good. I hope that they will see it through. I recently had a discussion where we talked about a school that has classes from nursery to primary being located in a three bedroom apartment!!!! Just ridiculous!!! How is that going to work? Smh!!!

  2. good step towards the right direction , but hoping for effective implementation . If its done right , it will expose mediocrity and promote excellence in the educational system. Its about time. !

  3. @esther,they have to expose these mediocre schools before they finish our children's brains.

  4. As regards revalidation, I think it will help 2 enhance standardization of Education in Nigeria as well as ensure proper monitoring and assessment. So long as these are in focus, I think it'll b beneficial 4 parents, the schl, and the state as a whole.


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