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Back to School (1)

Pictures and colors bring things alive to me. Imagine what it does for kids! I am passionate about learning, children, schooling and all the nice things you do with children. I am a mother who delights in seeing young children taking colourful strides to school. I understand that a lot of mothers are beginning to engage in back-to-school shopping, I'm doing same too. As I was searching for lunch bag ideas, I stumbled on a few I thought I could share with women....and men too. The truth is that some men are doing great at these things because I have witnessed a couple. So, have a look and maybe this could inspire you!
Busy bees
Makes me smile
For the love of Karate!
Isn't she lovely?
Hmmm.....a healthy yummy snack


  1. Awwww! Nice!! Makes me smile too.

  2. yummiemummie24/08/2012, 10:28

    Soo beautiful. Wonder where one can get such in Nigeria. I'm in full back to school shopping mode. Peppa pig all the way! Lol!!

  3. Awww, really cute, tell us where we can get them please.

  4. Awwww....very nice lunchbags.
    Its very important to use insulated lunchbags,whether the lunch is hot or cold it will keep it that way.

  5. I love this your blog o Rhoda.....i know i will learn a few things from here when that time comes.....lol(clemmie says so via nokia 3310)

  6. In purchasing lunch bags especially for children between ages 2-5 years, consider durability and space. This should include sufficient compartments and colors. Co ours should be bright but I don't advise very bright colors (except you are ready to keep it clean often) so it appears clean at least all through 1 week. Dull colors could be appalling to children and since they are not very independent/ careful, very bright colors should be made the child still look tidy. You know who's to blame when the child is unclean? You say?

  7. i love the isn't she lovely bag. its so cute for a girl child. hmmmmm.....lots of thoughts going on in my head. cartoohlz.blogspot.com

  8. i had made a comment on ur initial article on back to school wtout seeing this.they are lovely and it makes children happy but here in nigeria,they are almost unaffordable.good ones.durable ones.


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