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I cannot afford University.....what next?

It is practically impossible for every Nigerian to have a University degree. We can barely even make allocation for 10% of the population of entrants! Where are the universities, faculties, lecturers and facilities that will absorb all the students? Even those who are able to get one struggle to earn a living with it.

There is a pertinent need for much more Technical and Vocational schools. These types of schools serve students in skilled areas - ICT, Design, smithing, carpentry, woodwork, sewing, photography, home economics, plumbing, shoe-making, even cement making and crafts of varying types. You should see the amazing quality shoes, artwork and clothes I saw 'challenged' children and youth create during a courtesy visit @ a training in 2010. Anyone could buy them! The idea is to groom individuals who will be self sustaining and useful in the society. Here is a true story I read from nigeriadailynews.com that paints a brilliant picture telling us that even though you grab a university degree, it may not always pay the bills or build your dreams.

Like many university graduates, after completing his first degree programme, his efforts to get a white collar job were fruitless. Nnamdi, a 2008 graduate, is now comfortable as a successful furniture maker in Abuja. Unlike in public job, he is not only the Managing Director of his outfit, he also doubles as the Chief Executive Officer, the accountant, the cashier and the company secretary.

Today, he sees white collar jobs as waste of time, since he earns more than a university graduate and he is an employer, while contributing to the Nigerian economy. “After my service year, I started furniture business with initial capital of N40,000 which was the little money I was able to save but today, I know how much I am counting,” he said joyously. Mr. Nnamdi whose business is currently flourishing in Kugbo village of Abuja said: “Furniture making is a very lucrative business. When I ventured into furniture making two years ago, my plan was to be in it for some time and quit as soon as I get a while collar job but as time goes on I discovered that I am earning more than a graduate so I decided to stay put,” he said.

Impressive! Inspiring!