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September Jitters: Tips for parents of school-age children

Have you all fallen out of bedtime routine? Get back into your routine! A week before the first day of school is a good time to begin.
Shop for healthy breakfasts and lunches a week prior resumption, this will prevent the stress that comes with 'rush hour'. It isn't always fun to do that!
Some schools will give a list of school supplies, you could go do this shopping with your child ( but be firm to stay with the budget and NEEDS). Children must be taught the importance of shopping with a budget.
A week ahead, save time by stacking an arranged pile of uniforms needed so the children can easily grab it and go. Remember to match each uniform with a pair of socks and underwear.
Create a homework center where the child can study with easy access to materials needed.
Read as frequently as you can with your child and do oral comprehension skills. They don't have to be made to write ALL the time, it can be nerve racking! This encourages the child to want to read. Having mini-libraries can be useful.
Bus safety: If your kids are going to be using the School Bus, please, please do the right thing to speak about bus safety to the authorities and (in some cases) the driver. Use kind words whenever you get a chance to meet the driver and insist that he must adhere to bus safety rules.  Here in Lagos, I have seen far too many reckless school-bus drivers and I wonder how come they get away with it!
Parental involvement: This works magic - I can say this to you for FREE (as a teacher). Talk to your child's teacher REGULARLY about their educational and social development OR if you have some time, volunteer to be part of the PTA. A parent's involvement cannot be over emphasized, we all need to realize the heights to which it could jolt up our children's success.
          Hope you find this informative and useful.