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One of our eminent ministers said a few months ago that Nigerian graduates are unemployable. The statement may seem presumptuous and even arrogant because it reeks of generalization. Was she taken out of context (even though she may be stating the obvious)? In my profession, I have come across a lot of what we like to term in common cliché ‘the half-baked graduates’. These people slap a blush into your face during simple conversations.

Hmmm....what happened during undergraduate days? How did they get to graduate (maybe even gain admission in the first place)? I hate to have to blame the system; but the system is to be dragged into this once again! The overall rot through early education to that stage is all a pointer to government's neglect. Students graduate from higher institutions without having ever used a computer. How can they fit into modern day working environment? You may fill in the blanks.

All this is clearly connected to our poor learning landscape. It is no surprise that more people squeeze their income to afford better education. Why? The difference is '7-up'(clear). Where are the English graduates who can write a proposal? Or Doctors who will administer a proper CPR? Have you seen Engineers who cannot perform simple algebra101? It beats me! We sure have our work cut out for us. I am trusting that we will get there!